Smoqua³: celebration of communion, solidarity, activism and arts

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Foto: Moja Rijeka
Dear friends, our third Smoqua has finished! We’ve left behind so many preparations, joy and bustle, emergencies and “OMG, I have completely forgotten about this, I`ll get to it right now!, No, leave it, I`ll do it, you go for the other things!” :) Here is our story – a brief resume on what happened during these 3 unforgettable days... :)

Smoqua³: Queer mural and presentation of the survey

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During Smoqua³ festival (May 23 - 25, 2019) female artists from Rijeka Nika Krajnović, Tanja Blašković and Luisa Ritoša will create a mural based on the data collected during the examination of publics opinion on the notion of normality (April 2019, PaRiter). Survey "What do the citizens of Rijeka consider normal?" was made by gathering responses from people

Smoqua³ Presents: Lau Lukkarila - Trouble 0.1

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Smoqua³ Premiere: Lau Lukkarila - Trouble 0.1Saturday, May 25, 18:00-19:00 @ OKC Palach, Kružna ulica 8. What is trouble? Genealogy of trouble has everything to do with mechanisms of power. A subject with power and agency – is the one who is aware of the mechanisms and the distribution of power. But how does the body trouble the norm?

Smoqua³: theatre play What are we, really, guilty of?

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Theatre play What are we, really, guilty of? is based on improvisations inspired by the real life stories of abused women. It follows three women at the police station who discover how they ended up there, while waiting to see what will happen to them. The play opens a series of painful and very recent topics - from the attack on women's rights to domestic violence.

Smoqua³ Premiere: Documentary Sidney & Friends

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Smoqua³ Premiere: Documentary Sidney & Friends. Saturday, May 25, 19:00, @ Art kino, Krešimirova 2. Director: Tristan Aitchison. Cast: Michael Daviot, Awuor Onyango, Charles Ouda. 

When his family tries to kill him, Sidney, who is intersex, flees to Nairobi where he meets a group of transgender friends.

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