What is a Holy place? - Ruth Borgfjord on Smoqua

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Romanian artist Ruth Borgfjord questions position on women in religion on Smoqua through performance. Ruth Borgfjord defines herself as a queer artist. Her work is multidisciplinary – she uses installations, performance, video art,

Queer UP! Party by LORI: Smoqua 2nd edition

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Dear all! We’re excited to invite you to the Queer UP! Party by LORI: Smoqua 2 edition - no registration, no censorship – nonstop until morning! Queer UP! Party is a part of Smoqua - the Second Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture in Rijeka (17-19 May).

Erasmus+ project "Not Just Numbers"

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Lesbian Organisation Rijeka – LORI participated as a partner organisation in the Erasmus+ project ‘Not just Numbers’. Four LORI activists have attended this international youth worker mobility project

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