Mavi Veloso and her Project TRANS @ Smoqua

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Second day of Smoqua presents Brasilian trans artist with European address! Mavi Veloso is Brazilian artist currently based in Amsterdam. Transdisciplinary, visual and performance artist,

Kris Grey for the first time in Croatia @ Smoqua

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“The stories I tell demonstrate the constructed nature of gender as a social phenomenon, rather than a biological imperative” - Kris Grey is a New York City based gender-queer artist whose cultural work includes curatorial

Feminist self-defence workshop @ Smoqua

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Within Smoqua Festival, on Friday, May 18th from 2 pm at Palach (Kruzna 8), a feminist self-defense workshop for women is to be held by Mónica Cano Abadía (Spain).

What is a Holy place? - Ruth Borgfjord on Smoqua

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Romanian artist Ruth Borgfjord questions position on women in religion on Smoqua through performance. Ruth Borgfjord defines herself as a queer artist. Her work is multidisciplinary – she uses installations, performance, video art,

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