Psychological counselling


Within the programme of psychosocial support for members of sexual and gender minorities, LORI has initiated the Psychological counselling. This type of counselling is intended for lesbians, gay men, bisexual, transgender, and transexual persons of all ages and it offers an opportunity for individual psychotherapy/counselling, psychotherapy/counselling for partners and families as well as group psychotherapy/counselling.

Aim of the counselling is to provide a safe space for LGBT persons where they can receive advice and support regarding their gender identity, sexual orientation and other questions particular for life of LGBT persons, such as coming out, (internalised) homo/bi/transphobia, rejection from the society, confrontation with discrimination and violence etc.


 Topics covered by psychological counselling:

- support for LGBT persons in the process of coming out
- support in questioning one’s gender identity and sexual orientation
- affirmative therapy with the aim of acceptance of one’s gender identity and/or sexual orientation which differs from hetero-normative
- creation of and support for efficient confrontation strategies when facing stressful situations
- processing traumatic content related to one’s gender identity and/or sexual orientation in cases of harassment (psychological, physical, and sexual during the childhood and/or adulthood)
- dealing with LGBT persons’ depressive and anxious disorders
- dealing with impulsive and aggressive behavior
- resolving the problems and difficulties in intimate relationships
- counselling for partners
- counselling involving parents of LGBT persons in order to affirm and accept gender identity and/or sexual orientation which differs from hetero-normative
- psychological counselling for older LGBT population, involving dealing with loneliness, and facilitation of their mutual connection
- help in resolving the problem of consumption and addiction to psychoactive substances
- organizing groups in order to carry out group support and counselling
- psychotherapy of other psychological disorders
- providing relevant information regarding the changes in the process of transitioning and/or sex reassignment

Psychological counselling is provided by LGBT friendly psychologists; persons with sound knowledge of particular needs of LGBT persons and with experience in working with members of sexual and gender minorities.

If you wish to receive services of psychological counselling, do not hesitate to contact us: or 091/493-4133.

Psychological counselling is free of charge.

Privacy and identity protection guaranteed.



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