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Gender and sexual identity and their expression are among grounds for discrimination (in family, society, in the workplace etc.), psychological and physical violence as well as prejudice and stereotypes. Society's attitude towards transgender, transexual, and intersexual persons as well as the silence that attitude is followed by is making their social inclusion more difficult and it is posing obstacles for the achievement of their full and free life.

As transgender, transexual and intersexual persons we are particularly stigmatised and marginalised not just from the society in general, but from the other members of LGBT community (lesbians, gay men and bisexual persons) and it is often difficult to get relevant information and support.

Aim of the Trans Forum is the empowerment and provision of basic support system and source of information as well as exchange of experiences for and among all transgender, transexual and intersexual persons in the safe setting.

On the Forum you can as well refer your questions to experts: psychologists and counsellors for ‘trans questions’. Forum is intended for everyone in the region and beyond. :)


If you are a transgender, transexual, intersexual person and you want to connect with others, exchange experiences, be part of the platform where you can ask questions without the fear of being discriminated and misunderstood and get useful information – register yourself on Trans Forum.


Registration on Trans Forum

You can register easily by clicking here and filling the form with your basic personal information as well as your reasons for registration. Once filled, please send the form by clicking ‘submit’ button at the bottom of the page. After filling in the questionnaire start your registration process in Trans Forum with the user name used in the questionnaire found in Trans Forum registracija. You will receive the confirmation of your registration via e-mail in shortest period possible.

The registration process is a bit longer than you are used to, because we want to make sure that the forum is indeed a ‘safe place’ and to maintain its regular use, since it is intended exclusively for transgender, transexual and intersexual persons.

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