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Workshops @Smoqua 2022: Drag, Tapping, Queer Fantasy & Self-care

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6th International Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture Smoqua brings us a variety of events, including four really interesting workshops! The venue is Youth Cultural Centre Palach, the festival meeting point.

Thursday, October 13th 

15.00 – 16.00 Tapping

The technique of energetic psychology, EFT (tapping), helps reduce and remove unwanted levels of emotional intensity, and effectively overcome fear, anxiety, stress. Svetlana Del Vechio, EFT practician, leads us through the process of healing and personal growth. You can send the applications (name, surname, and phone number) to

Film Premieres @Smoqua 2022: Religion and Trans*Gaze

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Friday//14.10.//8-11 pm//Art-kino (Krešimirova 2)

For They Know Not What They Do (2019)

Director: Daniel G. Karslake (US)

Runtime: 1 h 31 min

Language: English

Documentary film For They Know Not What They Do examines the intersection of religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity in America. In the wake of the Supreme Court case legalising marriage equality, the Right has launched a new campaign to limit the rights of LGBTQ citizens across the country. In collaboration with religious conservatives, politicians are invoking both the Bible and the U.S. Constitution in their arguments for the “religious freedom” to legally discriminate.  By telling the stories of four families struggling with these issues, the film offers healing and understanding to those caught in the crosshairs of scripture, sexuality, and identity.

Austrian Cultural forum @Smoqua 2022: Chinagirl, Trans*Gaze&Hippocampus

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Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture Smoqua „takes over“ Rijeka from 13th until 15th October, and this year it is a unique pleasure to collaborate with the Austrian Cultural Forum Zagreb who brings us awesome artists and authors!

The award-winning Austrian writer Gertraud Klemm, the international artist Chinagirl Tile and the director Rosa Wiesauer will be presented to the Rijeka audience for the first time at Smoqua.

Book and author presentation: Hippocampus, Gertraud Klemm// Friday from 5:00 to 5:30 pm//Cukarikafe

Photo: Gertraud Klemm © Bernd Alfanz 

The Austrian writer Gertraud Klemm in her work uses different ways to ask questions about women’s position in society and for novel Hippocampus (2019; translated into Croatian) she has won the Ernst Toller Award. Why do we name institutions after male writes, but use female writers’ names only to name salads? Marija Ott Franolić talks with the writer.

Games&Hangout@Smoqua 2022

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Smoqua 2022 is full of dynamic and interactive events calling you to join in! :)
Check out the programme to make sure you know what happens when and where. For those not too inclined to click, we'll keep it short&sweet:

Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture Smoqua queers-up Rijeka from October 13th- 15th 2022 on four venues in the very centre of the City That Flows.

Take a train to Smoqua – grab 40% discount!

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Our dear people,

Great news! The Croatian railways (this year too!) are giving 40% discount for round trip tickets to visit Smoqua from the whole of Croatia and Slovenia!

This means that if you are coming to Smoqua from a distance longer than 25 km (wherever in Slovenia or Croatia that might be) between 13th and 15th of October, you can grab your 40% discount!

What do you need to do? If you are buying a return train ticket between 13-15.10., just say that you are coming to the Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture Smoqua in Rijeka, and get your 40% discount! Once you arrive in Rijeka, visit the info-point LORI at meeting point, Palach (Kružna 8) where the volunteers will verify your ticket with the LORI stamp (the organiser of Smoqua). On your way back, just show your stamped ticket to the train crew and - that's it! :)

See you at Smoqua! :)

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