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Smoqua - Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture.

Smoqua³: celebration of communion, solidarity, activism and arts

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Foto: Moja Rijeka
Dear friends, our third Smoqua has finished! We’ve left behind so many preparations, joy and bustle, emergencies and “OMG, I have completely forgotten about this, I`ll get to it right now!, No, leave it, I`ll do it, you go for the other things!” :) Here is our story – a brief resume on what happened during these 3 unforgettable days... :)

Smoqua 2019 – 3rd Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture in Rijeka

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Lesbian Organisation Rijeka LORI, in collaboration with PaRiter, From the Citizens to Their City and Centre for Women’s Studies (University of Rijeka), would like to invite you to the 3rd Smoqua – Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture, taking place in Rijeka from Thursday 23 May to Saturday 25 May 2019.

Once more, Smoqua offers a rich and diverse international programme – hosting several dozens of activists and artists from over 14 countries, and volunteers coming from different countries in Europe!

Smoqua³: Queer mural and presentation of the survey

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During Smoqua³ festival (May 23 - 25, 2019) female artists from Rijeka Nika Krajnović, Tanja Blašković and Luisa Ritoša will create a mural based on the data collected during the examination of publics opinion on the notion of normality (April 2019, PaRiter).

Survey "What do the citizens of Rijeka consider normal?" was made by gathering responses from people who were interested on several questions about perception of normality in various social issues related to LGBTIQ human rights and the reproductive rights of women. Some of the questions were: Is it normal that the women don't shave?, Is it normal to hide tampons and hygienic pads? Is it normal to breastfeed in a public space or in a working place?, Is it normal that two men kiss in a public space? Small boxes for the answers were set up at a dozen locations around Rijeka.

Smoqua³: theatre play What are we, really, guilty of?

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Friday, May 24, at 21:45 @ OKC Palach, Kružna 8

Director and mentor: Ksenija Krčar
Cast: Snježana Roško, Kristina Kutnjak, Inka Eldan
Deus ex machina: Nikša Eldan
Soundtrack: Elouise - I'll Fly Away (Remix), Hide The Potion - Burning to Start Again
Production: CEKER - Center for Creative Development, Association of artists GLLUGL

Theatre play What are we, really, guilty of? is based on improvisations inspired by the real life stories of abused women. It follows three women at the police station who discover how they ended up there, while waiting to see what will happen to them. The play opens a series of painful and very recent topics - from the attack on women's rights to domestic violence.

Vlasta Delimar on Smoqua³

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Within the framework of Smoqua³, which will take place in Rijeka from May 23 to 25, art organization From the Citizens to Their City presents the performances by Vlasta Delimar The Right to an Orgasm at over 60.

On Thursday, May 23, from 15:00 to 18:00, right before the opening of Smoqua festival, Vlasta Delimar will do the performance The Right to an Orgasm at over 60 in the shop window FUTURA NOVA, at the address Ante Starčevića 5a (former Garibaldi).

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