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Smoqua³ Premiere: Boryana Rossa

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(Boryana Rossa, Deconstruction of VALIE EXPORT’S Tap and Touch Cinema, 2013., photo: Ilmira Bolotyan, Tatyana Sherstyuk)

Within the framework of Smoqua³, which will take place in Rijeka from May 23 to 25, art organization From the Citizens to Their City presents Bulgarian artist Boryana Rossa, whos work Madonna of the External Silicone Breast will be exhibited in one of the advertising spaces in front of the park Pomerio during the festival.

On Friday, May 24, at 17:00 in space of GSG, Križanićeva 6a, Zvonimir Dobrović, art director of Queer Festival Zagreb, will be holding an artists talk with the artist about her engaged art practice.

On the same day at 18:00 Boryana Rossa will present her Deconstruction of VALIE EXPORT’S Tap and Touch Cinema.

Smoqua³ Presents: Lau Lukkarila - Trouble 0.1

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// Saturday, May 25, 18:00-19:00 @ OKC Palach, Kružna ulica 8 //

What is trouble? Genealogy of trouble has everything to do with mechanisms of power. A subject with power and agency – is the one who is aware of the mechanisms and the distribution of power.
But how does the body trouble the norm? How do norms move and freeze bodies? How does the body contain internal and external injuries, broken heart, misgendering, shaming, belittling, anxiety, being broke or lost, sexual harassment, homophobia, violence, pain, fear of ageing and dying?
Lau Lukkarila is a queer interdisciplinary performance artist born in Finland and currently based in Vienna. They are a dancer and a cultural labourer who cherishes fluidity and puts themselves in a productive “oppositional standpoint” considering stereotypical ideas about normalcy.

Smoqua³ Premiere: Documentary Sidney & Friends

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// Saturday, May 25, 19:00, @ Art kino, Krešimirova 2 //

Director: Tristan Aitchison
Cast: Michael Daviot, Awuor Onyango, Charles Ouda

When his family tries to kill him, Sidney, who is intersex, flees to Nairobi where he meets a group of transgender friends. Together, they fight discrimination and discover life, love and self-worth. Feature documentary Sidney & Friends is a heartfelt exploration of the hopes, dreams, and everyday reality of a group of intersex and transgender friends fighting to survive on the edge of Kenyan society. Filmed over 3 years, Sidney and his friends reveal the secrets of their struggles growing up and living as a gender minority in a region known for prejudice and discrimination against its LGBTI population. The premise is simple: it’s about gender, friendship…and love.
Film has 9 awards and 6 nominations on various film festivals all around the world.

Smoqua³ workshops – drums, dance and movement, non-formal education and about abortion

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During Smoqua³ festival (May 23 – 25, 2019) in Rijeka you will have the opportunity to participate in several workshops that in different ways connect art and activism, stimulating questioning of social and gender norms. The workshops leaders are experts in their fields and they transfer the knowledge and deconstruct the steadiness in interesting and innovative ways.

Smoqua³ Queer-UP! Party: Warrego Valles (SI) & Eclipse (FR/BE)

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On this year’s Smoqua Queer-UP! Party you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sounds of Warrego Valles. Eclectic, unpredictable and genre indefinable sets by Warrego Valles are pushing the boundaries of club music.

This electronic project of producer and DJ Nina Hudej and musician and DJ Nina Kodrič (aka NinaBelle) is intensively exploring by-passes of club and experimental electronic music entering into more contemporary club electronics styles such as bass, footwork and grime.

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