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Smoqua - Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture.

Mavi Veloso and her Project TRANS @ Smoqua

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Second day of Smoqua presents Brasilian trans artist with European address! Mavi Veloso is Brazilian artist currently based in Amsterdam. Transdisciplinary, visual and performance artist, dancer, actress, singer and songwriter, graphic and web designer. As transgender person and migrant from South America to Europe, in her productions, Mavi embodies and appropriates transformation process, conflicts and cultural adaptation procedures. Currently developing the project “#iwannamakerevolution”, about mutant and transit bodies.

Feminist self-defence workshop @ Smoqua

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samoobrana veca

Within Smoqua Festival, on Friday, May 18th from 2 pm at Palach (Kruzna 8), a feminist self-defense workshop for women is to be held by Mónica Cano Abadía (Spain).

Monica holds black belt in Oriental Kick Boxing, she is LGBTIQ and Feminist activist, a Doctor in Philosophy, specialized in Western Feminist Theory. And about feminist self-defense she says that it goes beyond learning physical techniques. It reinforces the autonomy of women by enhancing physical, emotional and social security. It is also a way of life that requires mechanisms of prevention, critical analysis of gender-biased social practices, and the creation of networks of sorority.

Since the number of participants in the workshop is limited, the registration is required through e-mail: and please write your name, last name and phone number in your application.

Kris Grey for the first time in Croatia @ Smoqua

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“The stories I tell demonstrate the constructed nature of gender as a social phenomenon, rather than a biological imperative” - Kris Grey is a New York City based gender-queer artist whose cultural work includes curatorial projects, performance, writing, and studio production. They perform, teach, and exhibit work internationally. In addition to their individual practice, Grey collaborates with Maya Ciarrocchi under the moniker Gender/Power.

What is a Holy place? - Ruth Borgfjord on Smoqua

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Romanian artist Ruth Borgfjord questions position on women in religion on Smoqua through performance. 

Ruth Borgfjord defines herself as a queer artist. Her work is multidisciplinary – she uses installations, performance, video art, photography and short films to convey a message. She builds her work based on her own chronology combined with games of the imagination and research, linking activism with art.

Queer UP! Party by LORI: Smoqua 2nd edition

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Dear all! 

We’re excited to invite you to the Queer UP! Party by LORI: Smoqua 2 edition - no registration, no censorship – nonstop until morning! Queer UP! Party is a part of Smoqua - the Second Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture in Rijeka (17-19 May).

More about other events of Smoqua with the theme Pride and Prejudice read here:

Last year we’ve enjoyed the performance by House of Flamingo and Zbeletron, and this year we are bringing the queer icon of Serbian clubbing - Sonja Sajzor.

Where?  Club Crkva, Ruziceva 22
When?  Saturday, May 19th at 23:59 

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