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LGBTIQ+ terminology is here.

Sexual and gender diversity

What do the letters LGBTIQA+ mean?

Diversity umbrellas

Rights of LGBTI persons in Croatia

What human rights LGBTI persons have in Croatia can be found here.

I am trans*, what do I do now?

Youth actions:

How to organise a public event?

What if the event is in a public space?

How to engage in public actions, events and protests?

Do you want to organise an event for meeting other youth? But you can't come up with conversation topics? Check out the Conversation Menu of LORI Youth Group.

This is a poster that guides you to various organisations’ online resources and archives that may help you to learn more about the broader spectre of LGBTIQ+ themes and where to find support. It is a part of the queer fanzine Bučkviriš, created by LORI Youth Group within project “Youth for Equality”, financially supported by the Central State Office of Demography and Youth.

I'm oGay with it!, 2023

LORI Youth Group video podcast

What is coming out and why are we talking about it? How to deal with the uncertainties we feel when we care about someone? How to build a support system and allow for secure and safe communication? Parents and youth, listen to our suggestions on how to address these questions and build relationships based on understanding. Video podcast is part of the project ‘Youth Voices for Social Changes’, conducted by Project Coordinator Lesbian Organisation Rijeka – LORI and partner organisation Pride Parade Association from April 2022 until the end of November 2023 with the financial support of the European Union's Erasmus + Programme.

Spona 2 - Support for health, equality, inclusivity and solidarity

The Module was created within project SPONA - solidarity in supporting youth facing the risk of poverty, social exclusion and violence as well as young people in distressing situations (2022-2023), conducted by Ambidexter club, Nansen Dialogue centre, the Association IKS, SOS Rijeka, LORI and PaRiter.

Useful texts from the archive:

NOTE: These texts (in Croatian) were made as part of the campaign “Family without Prejudice” in 2007, so a part of the data that was relevant at the time isn’t anymore, and some of the terminology has changed. Nevertheless, the themes dealt with in these texts are still relevant today, especially for LGBTIQ+ youth, so we encourage you to read them.

Psychosocial support

LORI provides free psychosocial support for LGBTIQ+ youth (counselling, peer support and legal aid).

If you need help, information and/or support, contact us via this form..

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