Smoqua 2018

Dear all, the second edition of Smoqua in the city that flows (and as we like to say – that thinks :)) has finished in the early morning hours on Sunday, 20th of May. Overwhelmed with emotions and with our hearts full we would like to write you a word or two. Please do not hold it
Second day of Smoqua presents Brasilian trans artist with European address! Mavi Veloso is Brazilian artist currently based in Amsterdam. Transdisciplinary, visual and performance artist, dancer, actress, singer and songwriter, graphic and web designer. As transgender person and migrant from South America to Europe, in her
“The stories I tell demonstrate the constructed nature of gender as a social phenomenon, rather than a biological imperative” - Kris Grey is a New York City based gender-queer artist whose cultural work includes curatorial projects, performance, writing, and studio production. They perform, teach, and exhibit work internationally. In addition to their individual practice
Romanian artist Ruth Borgfjord questions position on women in religion on Smoqua through performance. Ruth Borgfjord defines herself as a queer artist. Her work is multidisciplinary – she uses installations, performance, video art, photography and short films to convey a message. She builds her work based on her own chronology combined with games
Dear friends, as we approach the Second Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture, International festival i feminističke kulture Smoqua, we invite you to take action: if you are responsible, communicative, sociable, and have a desire to contribute to the work of LORI and our festival, join us and become a Smoqua volunteer ! You can apply until April 19th at .
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