Social events

Within one of our pillar programs, Supporting and Empowering LGBTIQ+ community, LORI regularly organises a variety of social content aimed at empowering and connecting the community in a safe and supportive space.

The social team is responsible for designing and organising social and cultural activities, e.g. exhibitions, workshops pub quizzes, literary evenings, Queer poetRI – evenings of reading queer poetry, film screenings, etc.

Social events are held according to the agreement of the team and the interest of the community - approximately at least once every two months. They are LORI constant activities, and some of the contents are: Queer-UP! Party, Queer walks, Queer karaoke, FabRika (Factory in English), film screenings, educational and/or creative workshops, etc. Previously we also had frequent board game evenings in LORI and/or friendly cafes, as well as sports days, movie nights, etc.

Some of LORI previous social events are below (texts are in Croatian):

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