Queer and Feminist Culture and LORI

Since its beginnings, LORI's primary focus has been informing the public and empowering LGBTIQ+ people, which enabled us to detect the importance of supporting the development of queer and feminist culture, i.e. introducing it to the local community (above all). One of LORI's strategic goals is promotion of queer and feminist culture, thus Queer and feminist culture is one of its pillar programs.

In Croatia, queer and feminist culture are often underrepresented, do not have systematic support, their visibility is marginalised, and therefore the public is not familiar (enough) with them.

Therefore, LORI intends to bring the concepts of queer and feminism closer to the public through artistic content and constructive discussions, so that it can exercise critical thinking about these topics, reflect on queer and feminist concepts, and gain insight into the development and impact of this culture. In this way, support is provided to the development of culture and art as a whole, by encouraging queer and feminist themes in the public space, by promoting inclusivity, and nurturing diversity and acceptance.

In more than 20 years of its engagement, LORI has achieved numerous collaborations through raising the visibility of queer and feminist culture: from civil society organisations (mostly LGBTIQ+ and human rights organisations, but also culture, art), institutions (Department of Culture of the City of Rijeka, Rijeka City Library, Art-Kino, Typhlological Museum in Zagreb, etc.), and individuals prominent in queer and feminist culture from Croatia and abroad.

Hence, LORI has introduced queer and feminist culture to the public through colourful events:

Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture Smoqua is perhaps the most visible part of the programme Queer and Feminist Culture. More about Smoqua can be found here.

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