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Love is Love, 2002

The Love Is Love TV spot was made during the national campaign of the same name, which was carried out in 2002. At the time, the rights of gay people were ignored. The law did not proscribe discrimination based on sexual orientation, and same-sex unions were not legally recognised. This resulted in a greater social vulnerability of gay persons, and put them at greater risk of violence, stigma, discrimination and social isolation. The Croatian Television refused to air the LORI spot judging it inappropriate.

React!, 2014

The video was made within the partner project Gender Equality Impact in Local Communities, and was funded by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development. The other partner organisations in the project were Zora, K-zona, Pobjede, and Bonsai.

I'm oGay with it!, 2023

LORI Youth Group video podcast

What is coming out and why are we talking about it? How to deal with the uncertainties we feel when we care about someone? How to build a support system and allow for secure and safe communication? Parents and youth, listen to our suggestions on how to address these questions and build relationships based on understanding. Video podcast is part of the project ‘Youth Voices for Social Changes’, conducted by Project Coordinator Lesbian Organisation Rijeka – LORI and partner organisation Pride Parade Association from April 2022 until the end of November 2023 with the financial support of the European Union's Erasmus + Programme.

Queer Youth on (self)acceptance, 2023

Video “Queer Youth on (self)acceptance“ was created by LORI young volunteers with the support of LORI mentors, with the aim to empower LGBTIQ+ youth. It was created within project SPONA - solidarity in supporting youth facing the risk of poverty, social exclusion and violence as well as young people in distressing situations (2022-2023), conducted by Ambidexter club, Nansen Dialogue centre, the Association IKS, SOS Rijeka, LORI and PaRiter.

Educational videos on LGBTIQ topics for mental health workers

This series of six educational videos on various LGBTIQ+ topics was created as part of the Erasmus+ project Common Point - Innovative Approaches to Training Mental Health Service Providers for the Quality Support of LGBTQI People. Through these six short videos (10 – 24 minutes in length), it is our intention to improve the knowledge and cultural competences of mental health professionals (school counsellors, crisis hotline operators, social workers, clinical psychologists) on LGBTIQ+ topics. The videos are in English with subtitles available in Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Bulgarian and English. They cover various topics such as: LGBTIQ terminology and basic concepts, coming out, specific aspects of working with LGBTIQ+ persons for mental health professionals, challenges of being transgender or a gender diverse person, homophobia/biphobia/transphobia/interphobia, LGBTI human rights, violence and discrimination etc.

Smoqua 2022 promo video

Created by members of the LORI Youth Group

Music: Kontrapunkt – Ako kažemo

Additional footage: Moja Rijeka (mojarijeka.hr)

LORI IDAHOBIT 2020 Campaign

#LORIIDAHOBIT2020 campaign videos aim to inform the public on the position of LGBTIQ+ youth in schools in Croatia. The campaign consists of series of video testimonies of young queer persons on their experiences in schools, along with texts on the importance of educating on LGBTIQ+ topics in schools. Texts with videos are available on LORI web page (www.lori.hr), Facebook and Instagram.

Find more videos about LORI on our YouTube channel.

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