Supporting and Empowering LGBTIQ+ community

Providing support, informing and empowering the LGBTIQ+ community is one of the main LORI goals. We have recognised the importance of working in this field since our foundation and have organised multiple activities, projects and campaigns serving that cause.

Programme consists of two areas:

We regularly organise various social gatherings, aimed to empower and connect the community in a safe and supportive environment: Queer-UP! Party, Queer walks, Queer karaoke, film screenings, educative and creative workshops, etc.

Psychosocial support

The goal is to ensure psychosocial services for LGBTIQ+ persons, to increase their empowerment and to better their mental health. The support includes free legal aid, as well as free and anonymous testing for HIV and syphilis during European Testing Week. Additionally, psychosocial support is aimed towards informing and sensitising professionals about specific aspects of providing services to LGBTIQ+ persons in the field of mental health.

Psychosocial support includes:

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