Combatting discrimination and advancing the rights of LGBTI persons

LORI programme Combatting discrimination and advancing the rights of LGBTI persons goals are: to eliminate/combat discrimination and violence against LGBTIQ+ persons in various areas of life: in hiring and at the workplace, in educational system, in the family, while accessing services etc., as well as to provide protection and to advance the rights of LGBTI persons.

The programme includes informing, sensitising and educating various professionals (teachers, psychologists, police officers...), employers and others, along with providing information through publications such as Guidelines for combatting homophobia and transphobia and peer violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity in schools, Yogyakarta Principles or Workplace Equality Index.

LORI also informs the public by organising campaigns, panel discussions and other public events to raise public awareness about the importance of these topics and to sensitise the public for a greater understanding and acceptance of LGBTIQ+ persons, while reducing prejudice and stereotypes.

IDAHOBIT - rainbow flag at City Hall; photo: Tanja Kanazir

We regularly monitor the position of human rights of LGBTI persons in Croatia and contribute to annual reports for several national and international institutions. An important part of the programme is advocating changes in public policies, as well as continuously public reacting to hate speech and hate crimes. Adding to that, we provide free legal aid for LGBTIQ+ persons.

Some programme activities are accomplished through projects, for instance: LGBTIQ+ Work Equality Alliance, Supporting Inclusive Education - Building a Safe Future or Respect Human Rights – Build Inclusive Society.

Within this programme, LORI also marks important dates relevant for rights of women and LGBTIQ+ persons, for instance: International day against homophobia, biphobia, interphobia and transphobia (IDAHOBIT, May 17th), International Women's Day (March 8th), etc.

Although the programme focuses on combating discrimination and violence against LGBTIQ+ persons, it also includes a fight against sexism, misogyny, racism, fascism and activities aimed at the protection of women’s and reproductive rights.

Photo: Mirko Žorž - Walk for Freedom 2019
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