Austrian Cultural Forum Zagreb @Smoqua2023 B(l)oody Creatures 2.0 and Feminism WTF

7th Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture Smoqua from October 12th to 14th 2023 brings plenty of interactive and interesting contents to Rijeka, and some of them result from our collaboration with the Austrian Cultural Forum Zagreb. 😊

ACF at Smoqua presents a prominent artistic collective Kulturverein Spätschicht from Linz, that will lay a real experiential journey on stage, as well as a new film, Feminism WTF, by an award-winning producer, director and screenwriter Katharine Mückstein.

Performance & Talk: B(l)oody Creatures 2.0: Nur G. Villarroya and Bene Steiner // Friday 13th, 2023, 19:00 – 20:00

Two Rooms. Two Bodies. A conversation through text and movement.

Interdisciplinary performance, a journey into the past and present, questioning sexuality and violence, love and society, blood and taboos. Followed by a talk with artists, who are members of the collective Kulturverein Spätschicht from Linz. Kulturverein Spätschicht provides a platform for creative people to connect and share their vision and work.

Nur – photo: Eva Stoeflin

Nur G. Villarroya is a non-binary freelance dancer/performer, Yoga teacher and Phytotherapist. Nur researches into Psychomagic way of performing and living Arts.

Bene Steiner is actor, performer and director. In his work he focuses on physical expression and movement in combination with text.

Nur – photo: Eva Stoeflin

Documentary film: Feminism WTF // Friday 13th, 2023, 20:30 – 22:00

Bold Austrian director, Katharina Mückstein, brought together theoreticians, activists and artists to discuss current issues in feminism and analyse the potential of intersectional feminism to change the future of society. The film that raises dust and eyebrows won the Audience Award for Most Popular Film at the 2023 Diagonale Festival of Austrian Film, the Best Director award at the Vienna Women's Prize, and (so far) has become the third most-watched Austrian film of 2023.


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