Common Point: Innovative approaches to training mental health service providers for the quality support of LGBTQI people

Project Common Point - Innovative approaches to training mental health service providers for the quality support of LGBTQI people lasts from October 1st 2019 until July 31st 2022.

Through the exchange of good practices at European level, project aims at developing innovative materials of wide diffusion that gather these experiences and multiply their impact in diverse territorial contexts. Specifically, to create an innovative and easily accessible material to train professionals in the field of mental health, in order to promote the design of personalized support programs for LGBTQI people in their empowerment processes. Also, aim is to link the needs of LGBTQI people with professionals interested in learning about this group through an educational program.

Specific project objectives are:

  • to improve the social inclusion of LGBTQI people by increase the number of mental health services tailored to the needs of LGBTQI people;
  • to increase the knowledge, skills and cultural competences of mental health professionals (school counsellors, crisis hotline operators, employee assistance programs counsellors, social workers, clinical psychologists) on LGBTQI people;
  • to develop a manual for an accredited training course of mental health professionals based on good practices collected in the field – to develop innovative online tools and methods for training mental health professionals;
  • to share good practices among LGBTQI organisations active in the field of mental health.

The project aims at developing an offline and an online education program about LGBTQI people for professionals in the social and mental health care system. As an intellectual output of this project experts from the participating organisations will create a Handbook with methods and tools to use during a two-day in person training programs (for 4 different target groups) and well as an E-learning material with a 16 hours online training program (for 4 different target groups) available on an online training platform.

The project also organises 2 international mutual learning events where the partner CSOs can share their best practices, train their staff members to become trainers and mentors for the adult learners as well as train the first users of the offline and online learning materials. Necessarily, the developed training course and e-learning modules are accompanied by awareness raising on prevention and detection of violations of rights of LGBTQI people in the health services and the promotion of measures that guarantee the right to equal treatment and opportunities of this groups.

Project coordinator is Hatter Tarsasag (Hungary) and partner organisations are: Prague Pride (Czech Republic), Single Step Foundation (Bulgaria) and Lesbian Organisation Rijeka LORI (Croatia).



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