Rainbow Way

Project ‘Rainbow Way is conducted by Project Coordinator Bonsai and partner organisations Rainbow Families and Lesbian Organisation Rijeka – LORI from October 2022 until end of May 2023. Project is worth 15.000,00 €, ensured through financial support from Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway within the framework of the European Economic Area and Norwegian grants.

This project aims to support young LGBTIQ people in Dubrovnik through active involvement in support groups, individual psychotherapy, networking opportunities, socializing, entertainment, networking, and volunteering against prejudice through the Living Library – a very effective tool in which the “Living Books” are people who have experienced discrimination, and who can provide readers with a unique opportunity to gain insight into otherwise “invisible” spheres of negative social phenomena. Fighting prejudice in this way contributes to reducing discrimination in society.

By educating and strengthening the competencies of professional staff in institutions and associations, as well as youth workers, we will strengthen the support available for young people in our main target group, while providing the general population of high school students with basic knowledge of identity construction and related discrimination or marginalization. We will be building a community of young LGBTIQ people. Using the premises of Youth Center Dubrovnik (which is also a civil-public partnership) as well as the knowledge and experience of partner organizations, we will create a unique opportunity to expand the local civil society scene, through an initiative that is informal for now, but which we hope will someday develop into a new association that supports democratic inclusion, visibility, freedom, and rights of our LGBTIQ citizens.

Contact person: Marta Skorin, 



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