Youth Voices for Social Changes

Project ‘Youth Voices for Social Changes’ is conducted by Project Coordinator Lesbian Organisation Rijeka – LORI and partner organisation Pride Parade Association from April 2022 until the end of November 2023. The project is worth 60.000 €, ensured through the financial support of European Union's Erasmus + Programme.

The main objective is to strengthen the capacity of partner organisations in working with youth and to increase the knowledge and skills of LGBTI + youth for active civic participation.

Specific objectives (SC) are:

SC 1. To improve partner organisations work with youth

SC 2. To increase human capacity of organisations by including youth in activities

SC 3. To improve knowledge and skills of persons who work with youth in organisations

SC 4. To empower and educate LGBTI + youth for active civic participation

Target groups are: LGBTI+ youth, persons who work with youth and civil society organisations (partner organisations).

The project contributes to building the capacity of two civil society organisations (CSOs) in working with youth but it is also focused on improving the skills and knowledge of LGBTI+ youth. In true partnership, this project will bring together young people from Croatia and Slovenia conducting joint activities and rasing awareness on the importance of active civic participation of LGBTI+ youth in the community.



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