Lectures and talks @Smoqua 2021

At the 5th Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture Smoqua from 7 October to 9 October this year, apart from the artistic and creative programme, you can engage in a panel discussion and lecture with several remarkable theoreticians, activists and artists!

On Friday, 8 October at 2 pm an inspirational lecture is being given by Meredith Jones, an Australian transdisciplinary scholar currently employed at Brunel University London. Her research is at the intersection of feminist theories of the body, media and gender studies, for she is the expert on the socio-cultural aspects of the Kardashians. At the festival, Professor Jones will hold an open online lecture The Curated Self: Virtual and Real Media-Bodies, for everyone interested in blurring the line between the virtual and real in the representation of the body.

Meredith Jones

Do not miss the opportunity to meet and hear this excellent scholar, here is the Zoom link.

On the same day in OKC Palach (Kružna 8) at 4 pm panel discussion Women and the media – claiming the space with journalist Danka Derifaj, feminist collective fAKTIV member Lorena Herceg and media artist Željko Blaće. We will discuss the underrepresentation of women and the problem of sexism in various media and consider the possibilities of resistance and occupation of media spaces from various journalism forms to Wikipedia. We will talk about journalism, where women often experience sexist comments aimed at belittling their work, and about the editorial policy of the Croatian-language Wikipedia, which perpetuates gender discrepancies and thus marginalises all the topics related to gender and sexuality.

Join us and be a part of creating important dialogues.

See you at Smoqua! 🙂

Cover photo by: Martina Šalov


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