Exhibition opening Don't assume @Smoqua 2021

At the 5th festival of queer and feminist culture Smoqua from 7 October to 9 October this year check out two awesome exhibitions prepared by organisers LORI and partners GSG

Deviant women is brought by GSG on the first day of the festival, and on 8 October at 1 pm at Dnevni Boravak (Ciottina Street 12a) Smoqua will host the opening of the exhibition Don't assume of Croatian photographer Vanja Brajković from Pula. This is the first public presentation of Vanja's work.

The exhibition presents a self-portrait story and an introspection of state on transgender and non-binary identity and is part of an entirety that engages the individual, their verbalisation, ways and choices. Vanja communicates with the viewers through photography, which occupies attention by evoking a spectrum of emotions.

The medium put in the center of observation is the body, often seen as a sign of affiliation and identification. By being critical towards heteronormativity this exhibition doesn't give answers, solutions and an easy encounter. Instead, it changes, encourages and causes social norms and identity assumptions, ultimately inspiring to important steps in understanding the dominant dualistic understanding of gender and sex. You can visit the exhibition until 22 October 2021.

Join us at the exhibition opening and the dissolution of patriarchy! 🙂

See you at Book Caffe Dnevni Boravak!

*LORI as the main organiser of the events will of course follow all measures and recommendations for the prevention of infection with COVID-19, and in order to ensure that Smoqua passes in a safe and cheerful atmosphere


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