Queer-UP! Party @Smoqua 2023

23.00 – 04.00 Queer-UP! Party @ Pogon kulture

7th Smoquaʹs Grande finale: Queer-UP! Party brings us Ustanova, House of Flamingo, Zvjerinjak/Queeranarchive! 🏳️‍🌈

On Saturday, October 14th, @Pogon kulture is THE Place to be: mark this date on your calendar, call your partner(s), neighbours, all your people – join us in taking up the entire dance floor. 😊

Line-up is hot:

ORLANDO (ex. Pobalnika, ex. Lovekovski) (SI), Ustanova Collective

Both in his music and in his sets, Orlando includes queer themes and (with a touch of irony) questions established canons. As Lovekovski, he released an album with the single Korenje and gave concerts in Slovenia and neighbouring countries.

msn gf (Ustanova, Nimaš Izbire)(SI)

Notwithstanding the genre variety in her selection and production, stays committed to the bitersweet drama of forgotten pop ballads, spiced up by contemporary production. You don't know her, she goes to a different school.

Dj top1gurman (TheHub) 

Is into audiovisual and performing arts, ceramics and poetry. Pays attention to small narratives in sound, likes politics in music, experimenting and unexpected genre combinations, and most of all, gay aesthetics and queer pop. 

gabibabydoll (zvjerinjak/queeranarchive) loves to cook diverse, playful and consensual club nights. Co-founded Q+ security, collective dedicated to raise awareness about more inclusive club programs and safe(r) venues.

Their sets are tangled, switching eclectic and unexpected rhythms of Latin core x club anthems, kissing the bouncy ghetto breaks, hugging the nostalgic dembow romantico, quickly dripping some queer activism topped with a never sour trance techno. 😉

But that is not all! At midnight, the atmosphere rises when House of Flamingo arrives on stage. 😀

Drag queens Colinda Evangelista and Jovanka B. Titutka , members of the drag collective House of Flamingo, along with dancers Helena Ostojić and Nina Štura, have been thrilling audiences in the Balkan region and beyond for several years with their comedic and dynamic live performances. They are here to conquer us!

We are hosting ZVJERINJAK, the party program of the queerANarchive collective, realized in partnership with the Coalition of Youth Associations, the Youth Center Platform, and the LGBT Center Split. ZVJERINJAK is a place of zero tolerance towards violence and other forms of harassment, both on the dance floor, in the club, and around it. If you experience or witness any form of violence and/or harassment, please contact the organisers, volunteers, or security staff. Additionally, this is part of Q+ SECURITY work, collective carried out within the framework of the Clubture - Hr: program exchange and collaboration, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, the Culture Nova Foundation, the City Office for Culture, Inter-City and International Cooperation, and the civil society of the City of Zagreb, as well as the National Foundation for Civil Society Development through program Knowledge Centers.

Besides from Queer-UP! Party, you can take a walk through Smoqua from October 12 to 14 and experience a handful of workshops, films, performances, talks and mingling. The program is on the LORI website, so click the LINK 😊

See you all the Queer-UP! Party 🙂


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