Workshops @Smoqua 2022: Drag, Tapping, Queer Fantasy & Self-care

6th International Festival of Queer and Feminist Culture Smoqua brings us a variety of events, including four really interesting workshops! The venue is Youth Cultural Centre Palach, the festival meeting point.

Let's take a look 🙂

Thursday, October 13th

15.00 – 16.00 Tapping

The technique of energetic psychology, EFT (tapping), helps reduce and remove unwanted levels of emotional intensity, and effectively overcome fear, anxiety, stress. Svetlana Del Vechio, EFT practician, leads us through the process of healing and personal growth. You can send the applications (name, surname, and phone number) to .

Friday, October 14th

15.00 – 17.00 Is Self-Care Possible in Queer & Feminism?

If you have experienced activism fatigue, or you have someone close to you that has left activism due to fatigue, or if you fear that it's inevitable – this is a workshop for you. We will talk about our experiences and ways to be supportive to ourselves and others. Self-care and collective care are possible in activism: that is the main message of Karoline Wieckiewicz, Polish activist that leads us in this journey.

17.00 – 18.30 Drum with Us! Drum ‘n’ Bijes (HR)

Have you always wanted to play drums? Experienced drummers from the collective Drum ‘n’ Bijes from Zagreb are bringing their drums and drumsticks and you should bring motivation and anger. After you have learned the basics of protest drumming, you will have the chance to show your skill at the opening of the show by Austrian artist Chinagirl Tile. Applications:

Saturday, October 15th

15.00 – 17.00 New Urban Queer Myths

Do you ever wonder how ancient hero stories would look if they had queer characters? Do you wish that on the way home, around the corner, instead of the Slenderman story, you would fall into a new, queer creepypasta? Write out the new landscape of queer stories with us, somewhere between fairy tales and contemporary urban legends, together with Rijeka writers and editors Antonija Mežnarić and Vesna Kurilić from the Shtriga publishing hut, who write and tell their own new, queer stories.

19.00 – 20.00 Release Your Inner Drag!

Do you want to do drag? Do you want a safe space where you can try gender expression on stage through drag? The Slovenian drag queen Karmen Daš is coming to mentor and help you with it. You can come in drag or out of drag, whichever way you feel like. The workshop can also be a warm-up for Queer-UP! Party, of course :)


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