Smoqua³: theatre play What are we, really, guilty of?

Friday, May 24, at 21:45 @ OKC Palach, Kružna 8

Director and mentor: Ksenija Krčar
Cast: Snježana Roško, Kristina Kutnjak, Inka Eldan
Deus ex machina: Nikša Eldan
Soundtrack: Elouise – I’ll Fly Away (Remix), Hide The Potion – Burning to Start Again
Production: CEKER – Centar kreativnog razvoja, Umjetnička organizacija GLLUGL

Theatre play What are we, really, guilty of? is based on improvisations inspired by the real life stories of abused women. It follows three women at the police station who discover how they ended up there, while waiting to see what will happen to them. The play opens a series of painful and very recent topics - from the attack on women's rights to domestic violence.

The play was created within the framework of the EU project European Youth Engagement Network, which is funded by the European Union from the Europe for Citizens Program. The project brings together a number of partners from Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy, and the head of activity is the Novi Sad Foundation 2021 - the European Capital of Culture.
The project idea is a contribution to informing young people about fundamental European values and encouraging active social engagement in their promotion and protection.

Croatia is represented in the project by the association CEKER - Center for Creative Development from Varaždin, which, in cooperation with the association of artists GLLUGL, also from Varaždin, selected feminism for the theme of the play.

Although Croatia never let go a patriarchal social framework, nor has it achieved full gender equality, the existing women rights are at the forefront of the strike of neoconservative movements in an attempt to eliminate the reach of social development. The issue of gender equality, the right to autonomous decision on one's own body, the right to choose life style, and the general status of women in alleged post-patriotic society are crucial also for defending the concept of free and open society.

You can check the whole program of this years festival here.

* Participation in all Festival activities is free, except for the Queer-UP! Party (where donations will be collected at the entrance), and the Anna Calvi concert.

Organisers: LORI + PaRiterFrom the Citizens to Their CityCentar za ženske studije pri Filozofskom fakultetu u Rijeci

Smoqua is financially supported by: Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture / Grad Rijeka / Primorje-Gorski Kotar county / Ministarstvo kulture Republike Hrvatske / Europska komisija / Musagetes / LUSH

Sponsored by: Adria print

Media sponsor: Novi list


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