Educational videos on LGBTIQ+ topics for mental health professionals

As part of the project “Common Point - Innovative approaches to training mental health service providers for the quality support of LGBTQI people” organisations from four European countries (Háttér Társaság from Hungary, Single Step Foundation from Bulgaria, Prague Pride from Czech Republic and Lesbian Organisation Rijeka - LORI)) together work on developing an innovative and easily accessible material to train professionals in the field of mental health, in order to promote the design of personalised support programs for LGBTIQ+ people in their empowerment processes.

Hence, last year within this project LORI has held successfully the 5-days training course on LGBTIQ+ topics for mental health service providers. Now we are excited to present series of educational videos on various LGBTIQ+ topicsThrough six short videos (10-24 minutes long), our intention is to increase the knowledge and cultural competences of mental health professionals (school counsellors, crisis hotline operators, employee assistance programs counsellors, social workers, clinical psychologists) on LGBTIQ+ topics. Videos are in English and subtitles are available in Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Bulgarian and English, and they cover various topics such as: LGBTIQ terminology and basic concepts, coming out, specific aspects of working with LGBTIQ+ persons for mental health professionals, challenges of being transgender or gender diverse person, homophobia/biphobia/transphobia/interphobia, LGBTI human rights, violence and discrimination etc.

Educational videos will be a part of an e-learning platform (with a 16 hours online training program for above-mentioned target groups) that is being finalised and is to be presented soon.

Finally, we would like to thank to all the people that have contributed to creating the videos, investing their time, knowledge, and lots of love and patience as well - without all of you this would not be possible, thank you so much! K-zone, thank you for filming, as well as patience and ideas! :)

Together we’re continuing to improve the support for LGBTIQ+ people.

Educational videos have been created as part of the Erasmus+ project “Common Point - Innovative approaches to training mental health service providers for the quality support of LGBTQI people”. Project coordinator is Hatter Tarsasag (Hungary) and partner organisations are: Prague Pride (Czech Republic), Single Step Foundation (Bulgaria) and Lesbian Organisation Rijeka-LORI (Croatia).



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