LGBTIQ Work Equality Alliance

LGBTIQ Work Equality Alliance project is a continuation of the efforts of Croatian and Slovenian civil society organisations (CSOs), companies and other employers, and trade unions in addressing discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics (SOGIESCE) and promotion of inclusion of LGBTIQ+ people in employment. The project started on January 1st 2022 (with the duration of 24 months), implemented by civil society organizations Expanse of Gender and Media Culture Common Zone and Lesbian Organisation Rijeka - LORI from Croatia and Legebitra from Slovenia, and is funded by the European Union trough Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) programme with the amount of 177 789.06 EUR.

The project builds on the results of the previous actions and furthers partnership with employers, trade unions and LGBTIQ+ communities, with the aim to increase their participation in activities that contribute to creating safe and inclusive working environments. Additional information regarding previous actions can be found here:

Main project activities are:

  • transfer of practices among European CSOs as a foundation for development of programmes for employers and trade unions which will be implemented in Croatia and Slovenia;
  • development of a programme for employers consisting of assessment of needs – Workplace Equality Index survey – based on which tailor-made training will be implemented in employers’ organisations;
  • raising awareness and encouraging employers’ participation partners in implementing Workplace Equality Week campaigns in Slovenia and Croatia;
  • developing policies for trade unions pertaining to both collective bargaining and internal union practices and thus strengthening their capacities to actively participate in ensuring workplace equality for LGBTIQ people;
  • increasing the knowledge of LGBTIQ+ community with regards to protection of their rights in employment and thus fostering discrimination reporting.

The project will end with an international conference in Croatia planned in the second half of 2023 to foster cooperation among all relevant stakeholders.

The project is funded by the European Union trough Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) programme.



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